Curriculum Vitae

Born in a Umeå, Sweden, 1961
Lives and works in Gävle, Sweden since 1991

1985 – 86   University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
1986 – 91   Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm

1989   Gallery Mejan Stockholm
1990   Gallery Kavaletten Uppsala
1992   Gallery Boj Stockholm
1992   Gävle Centre for Contemporary Art
1992   Gallery Brage Umeå
1993   Museum of Russian Political History, St Petersburg, Russia
1994   Gallery Charlotte Lund, Stockholm
1994   Gallery Engelbreckt, Örebro
1996   Gallery Magnus Karlsson, Västerås
1997   Lydmars Hotel (Gallery Charlotte Lund) Stockholm
1999   ”Spannvidd” med Lars Givell, Gävle Centre for Contemporary Art
2001   “Sequences” Gallery Vretbacka Gävle
2002   ”Monolog” Beeoff, web project Moderna Museet, Stockholm & Kiasma, Helsinki Finland Go to website
2002   “Someone leads you by the hand where you are unwilling to go, by force” Satellit Gallery Örebro
2003   Public Art project in Warsaw in cooperation with “Talk to me” and the CCA at the Ujazdowskie Castle. Go to website
2004   “Ilsola Lingvistica” Gävle Museum
2006   Örebro Konsthall Örebro
2007   “Cityscapes” Piteå Konsthall

”Kolossen vid Havet” (The Colossus by the Sea), 2003, has been featured at several film festivals, a selection.
2004   The Filmfestival of Uppsala
2005   The Filmfestival of Umeå
2005   Groundworks, Regina Gouger-Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburg, USA
2005   Biennale of Video & Media Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago, Chile
2005   Secret Memority, Selected Media festival Chicago, USA
2005   Hicentung, Rassegna di arte contemporanea, San Vito Tagliamento, Italy
2006   CeC & CaC 2006, New Delhi India 27 – 29 januari

1991   Gallery Forum, Stockholm
1991   Facultat de Belles Art Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
1995   Stockholm Smartshow, Stockholm
1995   395’ with Ann-Sofie Sidén och Tomas Elovsson, Sandviken Centre for Contemporary Art
1995   “What becomes clear in the absence” Gallery Charlotte Lund, Stockholm
1997   ”Soundscape”, Swedish travelling exhibitions, On tour in Sweden between 98 – 01
1999   ”Netopi” Gavle Centre for Contemporary Art
2006   Moviken Art
2010   Gaffel Art Park Event, Gävle,
2011   KONSTiga Torget, Bollnäs
2014   Frozen Art Park Show, Gävle

1992   Gavlerinken Arena, Gävle
1996   Vallbacksskolan, Gävle
1998   Uppsala University Hospital, Uppsala
1999   Hedesundaskolan, Hedesunda
2007   Borgarskolan Västertull, Gävle

Worked as an art consultant for county councils and the Public Art Agency Sweden.
2007   Scenografy to rock opera ”Aniara”
2008   Epilog ”Berättelser från andra sidan” Projections
2014   ”Vinter” video projections together with Twiggy Frostbite

A number of municipalities and county councils
Public Art Agency Sweden
Moderna museet

When no country is specified, the venue is located in Sweden.