The Colossus by the Sea

The Colossus by the Sea.

"Kolossen vid havet" Video documentary, 10 min. 2003.

One of the world’s largest buildings is 4.5 km long and is located in the beach resort of Prora in northern Germany. It was built by the Nazis as a huge seaside facility for German workers. Nobody ever came to live there.

The work is documenting the former NAZI recreation resort PRORA on the island of Ruegen/Baltic Sea and the difficulties how to deal properly with this “heavy” heritage. A cooperation between Jens Salander and Mikael Strömberg

Featured at several film festivals, a selection.

2004   The Filmfestival of Uppsala
2005   The Filmfestival of Umeå
2005   Groundworks, Regina Gouger-Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburg, USA
2005   Biennale of Video & Media Museum of Contemporary Art Santiago, Chile
2005   Secret Memority, Selected Media festival Chicago, USA
2005   Hicentung, Rassegna di arte contemporanea, San Vito Tagliamento, Italy
2006   CeC & CaC 2006, New Delhi India 27 – 29 januari